The Silk Road

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Silk Road

The road of peace and linkage, safe from the wars and militancy of countries and empires that connected East, West, and South Asia to North Africa and the eastern europe. If you are a person who is a history lover and wants to get some information about this well-known road, we recommend you to stay with us until the end of this article. In 1877 AD, Ferdinand Riojafen sent silk from china to the Mediterranean Sea and various areas. Then this German geographer as the first one decided to name this way “silk road.” After giving name to this road, Merchants started to Commerce through this way in order to prevent passing through central China’s deserts, later, this route divided into two north and south parts. In Iran, in the Sassanid times, the great way to earn revenue for the Iranian emperor was the silk trade and the collection of customs duties from merchants and caravans passing through Iran. Silk, spice, tea, paper, grapes, and glass were sent to all over the world by this road, the kings would send gifts for each other, and people would travel to new lands from this well-known road and it was owned by no one.that is why it is known as the road of peace and linkage. In Iran many cities and villages were built in the silk road and if you get to some special parts of this road you will have the chance to visit old villages and beautiful caravanserais. Marv, Sarakhs, Neyshabur, Gorgan, Bam, and Safi Abad plus Ray, Qazvin, Zanjan, Ardebil and Tabriz are the example of some cities of Iran located in the Road.ones who want to know more about this road, visiting this cities would be useful. Overall, do not forget that except this road, there are so many sites in the mentioned cities in which worth to visit and to do so , all you should do is saving money, finding a reputable tour and travel agency in Iran and let them know your appetite.

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