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Shiraz the heartland of Persian culture, is a big beautiful city in Fars province and considered as a must-see destination for whoever travels to Iran. An interesting spectacular city at an altitude of 1486 meter above the sea, a dry river in the heart and surrounded by Zagros mountains, located in the 919 kilometers (571 mi) south of Tehran that used to be the capital of the country During Safarian, Buyids, and Zandieh dynasties. The city of poem, art, literature, wine, and flower with old history and ancient remains is famous as a recreation center in Iran. The Bazaars, gardens of flowers, trees and animals, the palaces, “Hafez” and “Saadi” tombs, and historical mosques like Nasir-al Molk “Pink mosque” in addition to a holy shrine of Shah Cheragh, all and all are located inside the city of Shiraz while Persepolise,Naqsh-e Rustam,Pasargadae etc … are just some kilometers away from the city which can not be ignored and normally has been placed on most of the travelers help you more with things-to-do in shiraz, both “kak” and Masghati” can not be remain untried.not to forget to buy your needs from small supermarkets as you will miss nicety and great receptioning of shoppers when you enter the shop and also their nature of poetry as they are always ready to improvise a poetry depending on the current situation.
Shiraz attractions are not limited to above mentioned;better to be discovered by the traveler as it is one of the most exciting aspect of traveling the end, the capital of Fars province of Iran worth visiting at least once in a life-time and should you visit one time.wanna come back again for sure;as a matter of fact,you either visit Shiraz none or multiple times

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