Qazvin Bazaar Aggregate,

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Qazvin Bazaar is a remnant of the Safavid period and its architectural effects are extremely interesting. Though the nucleus of this bazaar is relevant to the pre-Safavid times, during the reign of the said dynasty, the bazaar had witnessed expansion. Each row or alley of the bazaar was allocated to a certain guild, besides which each segment comprised of a mosque, bath and arcade.
The Qeisarieh of Qazvin has four entrances, the northern entrance leads to the Sarbaz arcade, whereas the southern, eastern and western entrances, lead to the covered arcades, the Vazir Inn and the intersection of the bazaar respectively. The Sa’d-ol-Saltaneh Bazarcheh is an archaic relic of the Qazvin bazaar. This has a beautiful vestibule. The important sectors of the bazaar are as follows:
Sarbaz Arcade: This double storeyed construction is located to the north of Qeisarieh. The arcade has an arched entrance. Its false arched ceilings are adorned in reintal fashion, and its yellow and pink tiles display hunting scenes and floral design. Its wooden sash doors are another interesting feature.
Covered Arcade: This as the name goes is a covered arcade located to the south of Qeisarieh. It is a double storeyed structure with chambers alongside.
Arcade of Haj Sayed Kazem : This arcade is within the bazaar and opposite the leather merchant alley. Currently this alley is for leather products.
Razavi Arcade: The same was constructed by Haj Seyed Abol Qasem Razavi Esfahani. Currently his descendants are in charge of the same and this alley deals in timber.
Dervish Mehdi Arcade: The same is located at the large intersection and to the southern entrance of the mint. Currently the same is an area for dispatching goods.
Haj Mohammad Taqi Arcade: The same was constructed by Haj Mohammad Taqi. In the past it was the iron mongers segment of the bazaar, Today it is a vicinity for dispatching merchandise.

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