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21 Days

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Persian Odyssey Tour

Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Zein-o Din, Kerman, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Khorram Abad, Hamedan,Zanjan

Day 1 Tehran  Your Arrival will be the land of Persia. Welcome to Iran a dream land in the Middle East.

Day 2 Tehran will be our starting point, where we are going to see the old part of the city with the combination of modernity. First, we are going to visit some museums including national museum to get familiar with Iranian cultures.Then, we are going to visit jewelry museum and find some great treasures which can’t be found in any other places in the world.In the afternoon, we are going to Milad tower to have a better view of Tehran from its highest point.
Iran National Museum
Jewelry Museum
Milad Tower

Day 3 Tehran/Kashan – After spending our first day  in Tehran to get the first view of Iran, the second city to be visited will be the historical city of Kashan where is famous for its traditional houses. In Tabatabaie house with  four courtyards,once belonged to a rich merchant,, you will experience how well the wind towers works. Also, In Broujerdi house dating back to about 2 hundred years ago, you will see the combination work of architects and master painters. Then, we are going to see bazaar. We would never miss our chance to taste Iranian local food during our journey.
Tabatabae House
Borujerdi House
Old Bazaar

Day 4 Kashan/Isfahan – After Kashan, we are going to travel to Isfahan to visit the great Naqshe Jahan square, two mosques of Imam and Sheikh Lotf Allah. The former is considered as a public mosque and the later is considered as a private one once used by royal family. Sheikh Lotf Allah mosque and  Aliqapou palace are connected by a tunnel. Furthermore, we are going to visit Aliqapou palace which is in seven floors and is a real masterpiece. There is a pool with fountains filled with the water from Zayanderood . Bazaars are our next option;  Let’s drink a cup of coffee in a café there.
Naqshe Jahan Square
Imam mosque
Ali Qapu Palace
Sheikh lotfolah Mosque

Day 5 Isfahan – In our second day in Isfahan, we will visit the Armenian neighborhood. There, we can hire bikes and enjoy riding in the city and complete our happiness by passing through Khajoo or Si-O-Se Pol Bridges (33 Bridges). After a while, we will get to the Armenians neighborhood called, Jolfa. Reaching there, we will visit one of the oldest churches dating back to Safavid dynasty called Vank cathedral. There is also a museum in this church. We never miss Armenians. See how their culture is in this region.
Khajoo Bridge
si-o-se pol Bridges
Vank Cathedral
Armenian Museum

Day 6 Isfahan/Yazd – We are here in Yazd, a city located in the heart of Iran, where its people are famous as hardworking ones. Yazd is unique with its wind catchers, Qanats and also its confectionery. In our first day, we have a city tour to see Jame mosque that is so great and known as a unique masterpiece including the highest minarets of Iran. Then, visiting Amir Chakhmaq complex and water museum will be our next important steps. Also, we are going to get familiar with local people by walking through Yazd streets. Next, we are going to visit the Fire Temple, where Zoroastrians keep fire as the symbol of their religion. In the afternoon, we will visit Tower of silence which was once used as their cemetery. This is our daily tour in Yazd.
Jameh Mosque
Old City
Amir Chaqmaq Complex
Water Museum
Fire Temple
Tower of Silence

Day 7 Yazd – In our 7 th day in Iran, we are still in Yazd because we are going to see some architectural and historical sites which would not easily be found in any other places in Iran. Water reservoir, the 7000 year-old Narin castle, Ice pits, pigeon house; Pigeon house was a building where people kept the birds for different reasons such as: sending letters, providing the needed fertilizer. Chaparkhaneh (or Pony express) was a kind of post office to deliver the letters in the past. We will visit all the mentioned sites in our second day tour in Yazd.
Ice House
Shah Abbas Carevanserai
peagon House

Day 8 Zeino din – We leave Yazd to get to the caravanserai located in middle of desert. There, we are going to sleep one night at Zeino din- unique rooms in the desert and enjoy sky watching with millions of stars in the sky.

Day 9 Kerman – An old city. We are going to travel around the city and see bazaar, we will feel the smell of semen. That’s so captivating yeah! Also we are going to see a Hamam known as Ganj-ali-khan. We can find different stuffs which used in baths in Persian Hamam. there, You will enjoy your lunch in a caravanserai in the bazaar.
Old Bazaar
Persian Bath(Hamam)
Jameh Mosque

Day 10 Kerman – In our second day tour in Kerman, we are going to see the beauties of Shazde garden located in Mahan where the birds are chirping everywhere. Then, we are going to visit tomb of a nobleman known as shah Nemat Allah. In his tomb, you will be amazed seeing how he lived in a small room and write all of his poems on the walls which are all related to his relationship to God, such a mysterious atmosphere can be felt there. Next, we head to visit one of the hottest regions of the world called Shahdad.
Shazde Garden
Shah Nematolah Tomb
Shahdad Desert

Day 11 Kerman/Shiraz – Today We head to Shiraz by bus and you will have time to take rest and think about all those unbelievable sites you have visited.

Day 12 Shiraz – The beauty of Iran will be completed in Shiraz, where is famous for its beautiful gardens and well-known poets. So, today we have an ancient day tour. We are going to visit Pasargad and Persepolis, where we will see all the Achamanied symbols, which are the signs of glorious Persian empire through the world. Apadana palace is another place where Achamanied kings used to stay in during the summers. We will also visit the great Cyrus tomb and Darius. Then, we are going to come back to Shiraz again.

Day 13 Shiraz – In our second day here in shiraz, you will enjoy our sightseeing around the city. First, we are going to walk around Vakil bazaar and see lots of different stuffs. Second, we are going to visit Shahcheragh, the Brother of the 8th Imam of Shies, and get familiar with Iranian cultures and see the architectural style of holy shrines in Iran. Third, we are going to see Nasir-Ol-Molk mosque or pink mosque decorated by beautiful and lattice tiles. Karim Khan Zand Castle will be our next stop where used to be his governmental center when he was a governor.
Pink Mosque
Karim Khan Castle
Old Bazaar
Shah Cheragh

Day 14 Shiraz – in our last day in Shiraz, we are going to see Eram and also Afif Abad garden where you can take some photos to remind you the beauty of Shiraz later. We will also visit tombs of two great poets of Iran (Hafez and Saadi) and complete our memory of the land of Persia with Persian literature.
Afif Abad Garden
Eram Garden
Hafez Tomb
Saadi Tomb

Day 15 Shiraz/Ahvaz – Ahvaz is our next destination. It will be a long way but the landscape is really nice. On the way you can see Zagros mountain chain covered with the trees and herbs. Also the pink salty lake will be another memorizing view. We will walk a long banks of the biggest river of Iran and see night life of the people in this area.

Day 16 Ahvaz – Today we will go to the ancient capital of Great Persia in 2500 years ago. Susa and Zigorat from Elamite dynasty the oldest praying temple of the world .The last UNESCO site we want to visit today is Shushtar hydraulic water system.

Day 17 Ahvaz/Khorram Abad – is a city in west part of Iran located in the middle of Zagros mountain chain. Well-Protected city for long time in our history and the proof is a Falak Aflak castle in middle of the city.

Falak Aflak Castle

Day 18 Khorram Abad/Hamedan –  A city with lots of historical sites. Avicenna tomb, Ester tomb (one of the most important sites for Jewish) and Hegmataneh the first civilized city in this region take us to thousands years ago.
Avicenna Tomb
Ester tomb

Day 19 Hamedan/Zanjan – Zanjan is the city that is famous for the metal working .They make very good hunting and kitchen knife. There are very good copper pots aswell. We are going to go to their workshop to see how they make those metal objects. And walking in the bazaar will be next step to take some good shots. Enjoy our meal in a caravanserai.
– Bazaar
– Hunting & Kitchen workshops

Day 20 Zanjan/Tehran – On our way to go back to capital we will visit another UNESCO site Soltaniyeh Dome. It is one of the tallest domes of the world and inside is full of carved tiles which remained from Mongols time. When we stand in the trace of it, you can see amazing view under your feet.
Soltaniye Dome

Day 21 GOOD BYE IRAN – Get ready to go back home .before flight it is better to take rest and think about all good memories of Great Persia.


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