Iran Oasis Tour (14 Days)

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14 Days

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2-23 Pax


3 Lunch-5 Dinners


13 Nights - Mid-class hotel


public Transportation


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Iran Oasis Tour

Will visit
Tehran, Abyaneh, Varzaneh, Mesr, Garmeh, Yazd, Zein-o din Caravanserai, Meymand, Mahan, Rayen castle, Shahdad, Kerman

Day 1 Tehran   Welcome to great Persia

Day 2 Abyaneh Abyaneh will be our starting point. This village dates back to more than thousand years ago with unique language and cloths. Its local people still speak Old Persian language and there are lots of dry fruit trees such as: apple, apricot, peach and sour cherry. It is really nice to go to top of the hill in front of village and enjoy wonderful sunset.

Day 3 Varzaneh is another village that is famous for white Chador (Chador is Islamic dress code).In this village they are farming cotton in order to weave this kind of fabric and use it. At the entrance of the village, you can see a statue of an old lady weaving this kind of textile. We will walk in the street to get more familiar with it and see the old water pumping system in this village.

Day 4 Mesr This village is in middle of desert. It is interesting to see how hard workers find water in middle of nowhere. How difficult it was to trade with other villages with camel caravans. For this purpose, we will ride camels to feel the real life of this people.

Day 5 Garmeh Today we want to go to village where holds many interesting desert castles. We will go to pomegranate garden because this area is really famous to make this kind of fruit. We will enjoy chatting with people and exploring this village.

Day 6 Yazd this city is important because of Zoroastrians and their life style so we will visit their Fire temple and tower of silence and we will have appointment with their priests.

Day 7 Zeinodin Caravanserai In ancient times, lots of merchants having to travel from one village to other cities, had to stay in caravanserai on their ways. Today we want to be liked with them and stay a night in the middle of the desert in a nice, cozy, peaceful caravanserai with very delicious food. This place is the best one to watch desert sky and enjoy Milky Way.

Day 8 Meymand New experience for today will be cave village Meymand. Its local people carved these caves to make some shelters for themselves. They have unbelievable style to isolate them from rain and make it warm. We will visit fire temple and their mosque and enjoy reading Persian novels like thousands and one nights.

Day 9 Mahan as an oasis in desert is good sample to see how water can make everything different and convert it to green land. We will enjoy sunset in the Sufi Tomb minaret. And our hotel is next to passage of water that will be the best place to continue reading.

Day 10 Rayen castle Today we will go to Rayen castle to explore how ancient Persian people built their residential part of their villages. This castle is one of the most important castles in this area. It is divided to three parts to accommodate local people, merchants and kings

Day 11 Shahdad It will be really awesome to overnight in middle of the hottest place of the world, so our next station will be Shahdad. Kalouts next to this village are the best views for sunset. We will walk at night in the desert and see their farming system.

Day 12 Kerman is another desert city with different races of people. Most of this people have Indian face. The best place will be the bazzar to see it and take good shots. Moshtagh tomb and Jameh mosque will be other peaceful places in Kerman.
Moshtagh tomb
Jameh mosque

Day 13 Kerman to Tehran Today by the train we will back to Tehran to enjoy lots of nice landscapes on the way by train.

Day 14 Tehran It is a good contrast to differences between villages and our crowded capital. Time to back to our daily life again. See you soon.


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