Iran Desert Tour (11 Days)

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11 Days

Group Size

2-23 pax


Breakfast-2 Dinners


10 Nights- Mid-class hotel


Public Transportation-1 domestic flight


Professional Tour Guide

Iran Desert Tour (11 Days)

Tehran, Shahdad Desert, Mahan Desert, Yazd, Garmeh village, Isfahan, Kashan, Maranjab Desert

Day 1 Tehran   you will visit our capital and enjoy the combination of modernity and historical palaces. Certainly, Tehran bazzar will be the place to meet Iranians for the first time. Millad tower will be our final stop to have a good panorama of the capital and see how 12 million inhabitants are living there peacefully.
Milad tower

Day 2 Shahdad Today early in morning we will travel from capital to the hottest part of the world by plane. Shahdad will be first destination of this desert trip. Enjoy its beautiful sunset and the silence when you get there.

Day 3 Mahan – We will leave desert to go to an oasis next to desert called Mahan and enjoy Shahzadeh garden next to desert .Overnight close to Sufi tomb and enjoy your Iranian dreams here.
shahzadeh garden
sufi tomb

Day 4 Zeinodin Today we want to experience new situation and go to middle of nowhere in old caravanserai to have a nice meal in this caravanserai and of course enjoy millions of stars at night. It will be a cozy place to read 1001 nights’ novel

Day 5 Yazd is our next destination; this city is totally different from other cities in Iran. It is well-known as the second historical city of the world. When you are walking in tiny covered allies, you can easily feel the traditional lifestyle of the people because it takes you to hundreds years ago.

Day 6 – Tabas Today we leave Yazd to go to Tabas with a peace of paradise in middle of city. Then after we will take you to a spring that is unbelievable. Because from one side hot water falls down and from the other side cold water.

Day 7 Garmeh Time to explore new type of desert of Great Persia so leave Yazd to go to Garmeh, sunset on sand dunes will be awesome in this village and enjoy local food and life

Day 8 Isfahan Today we leave Garmeh to get to the brilliant Islamic capital of Great Persia, Esfahan. Visiting royal square, palaces, royal mosque, massive tile working and different handicrafts will you’re your day.
Day 8 Enjoy Armenian part of city with cathedral church “Vank” where is full of artistic paintings on the wall with different kind of story from Bible. Enjoy good coffee. When you get Bethlehem church, some religious music will be played which may make you to pray.
vank church

Day 9 Kashan Today we will go to Kashan a city with wonderful merchant houses-full of decorations and colorful windows. Having a cup of Iranian tea will be really pleasant in traditional tea houses in the middle of bazzar.

Day 10 Maranjab desert The last desert that you will enjoy is Maranjab. This desert is located next to salty lake in the center of Great Persia. We will overnight in cozy oasis next to desert and enjoy fishing in middle of desert.

Day 11 Tehran Back to Tehran and say good bye to 1001nights novel. Khoda hafez “goodbye”


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