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Feel Iran Tour – 14 Days

Qazvin, Qom, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz, Tehran

Day 1 Tehran/Qazvin  Our 14 days journey in Iran will be started fromTehran, where is it’s our departure to Qazvin and overnight there.

Day 2 Qazvin  Today in the morning we start roaming around the city. Atiq mosque in Qazvin is one of the oldest mosques in Iran. The foundation of this mosque was in a Zoroastrian fire temple like many other mosques in Iran. Here you will visit the oldest street that used to be a marching place in military occasions dating back to safavid dynasty. Chehel Sotoon palace (kolah farangi mansion) was built in order to transfer capital from Tabriz to Qazvin in the safavid dynasty. So, it’s a beautiful garden with a building inside that is located in the old square.
– Atiq Mosque
-Oldest Street Of Iran
– Chehel Sotoon Palace
-Traditional Handicrafts Bazaar

Day 3 Qom/Kashan   Qom is a religious city. Shiite people from all around the world who want to be a clergy man should come to this city, the center of Islamic schools in Iran. Here, we will get familiar with shies beliefs and also see Masoomeh shrine who is imam Reza’s sister (the 8th imam of shies section). In the evening we will head to Kashan.
– Masoomeh’s Shrine
– Having some nice discussions With Clergy Men

Day 4 Kashan  Although there are many sites in Kashan that may be interesting for tourists, the city remains largely undeveloped in this sector, with fewer than a thousand foreign tourists per year. Kashan is the city of the merchant houses and great bazaar with lots of caravanserai.
– Tabatabae House
– Abbasi House
– Fin Garden
– Bazaar

Day 5 Kashan/Isfahan   It is famous for its Persian–Islamic architecture, with many beautiful boulevards, covered bridges, palaces, mosques, and minarets. This leads to the proverb” Isfahan is half of the world”. We will visit Naqshe Jahan square where is a complex of Imam mosque (public mosque), Sheikh lot-Allah mosque (private mosque) and Aliqapu palace that were connected by a tunnel to Sheikh lotfollah mosque. Aliqapu palace is build on sixth floors which includes music room where you can diagnose how sound echos. Then, we will visit Chehel Sotoon consisting of 2o columns and by reflection of these 2o into the pool in front of the building it is well-known as Chehel Sotoon( 40 columns).
– Naqshe Jahan Sq.
– Aliqapu palace
– Imam Mosque
– Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
– Chehel Sotoon Palace

Day 6 Isfahan   The new Jolfa district of Isfahan remains a heavily Armenian-populated one with Armenian Churches and shops, the Vank Cathedral being especially notable for its combination of Armenian Christian and Iranian Islamic elements. It is still one of the oldest and largest Armenian quarters in the world. We will visit Bethlehem church and Vank Cathedral that are important ones for Armenian, and their museum full of ancient stuff. We will get around to see Khajoo bridge and also SioSe pol bridge, the oldest bridge in this town.
– Vank Cathedral
– Armenians museum
– Bethlehem Church
– Khajoo Bridge
– Siose pol Bridge

Day 7 Isfahan/Yazd   where we will visit people who brought water by passing through tunnels known as Qanat, so they are well known as hardworking people who lives in the middle of barren wastelands. Here, we will see Jame mosque dating back to 700 years ago. It has the tallest minarets of Iran, we will walked through old city and get lost, but don’t worry you will be found. We also see Amir Chaqmaq complex and enjoy traditional sport.
– Jameh Mosque
– Alexandre Prison
– Amir Chaqmaq Complex
– Zoorkhane(Traditional Sport)

Day 8 Yazd   Today we will go far away from the city to visit Maybod, a 7000 year-old town. We will see one of the shah Abbas caravanserais and also Chaparkhaneh (Post Office) a place to keep the horses. we will see Ice pit across from these two places and learn how it worked. We will also go to Chack Chack which is the great holy site for Zoroastrians. Every year, they gather here to have their annual festival.
– Chak Chak
– Meybod
– Ice Pits
– Caravanserai
– Old Post Office Museum

Day 9 Yazd/Kerman   In our first day in this city, we will go to see bazaar where we can find some dishes made from coppers and also the smell of spices is spread across bazaar. Then we will see ganja Ali khan mosque and Hamam (bath). By the way, do not miss the Jame Mosque and Moshtagh Tomb.
– Old Bazaar
– Ganja Ali Khan Mosque
– Hamam
– Jameh Mosque
– Moshtagh Tomb

Day 10 Kerman  In second day in Kerman, we will go out of the city to see Mahan and show our respect to a nobleman there known as shah Nemat- Allah. He lived in a mystery room where anyone can easily discover his/her own mysterious signs. Then, we will go to see Bagh Shazde. There are lots of different kinds of trees and flowers and birds are flying over its sky .Then, we will head to Shahdad, a different kind of desert which is similar to compact sands that have different shapes each day.
– Mahan
– Shah Nemat Olah Tomb
– Shahdad Desert

Day 11 Kerman/Shiraz   Shiraz is a center for Iranian culture and lots of famous poets were born here. After the Iranian Revolution, Shiraz was re-established as the capital of Iranian Art and Culture. You will have your free time at the time reaching Shiraz.

Day 12 Shiraz   Shiraz is a city of literature. Hafez and Saadi were born and lived here. We are going to see Karim khan palace (Karim khan’s palace). H e was a king in Zandieh period who called himself as vakilo roaya that means lawyer of people. Old Bazaar and Jameh Mosque will be our other itineraries to visit. Pink Mosque will be our next stop to visit where will be a colorful place in the sun shine. In the evening, we will enjoy beautiful garden in Hafez tomb.
– Jameh Mosque
– Pink Mosque
– Old Bazaar
– Karim Khan Castle
– Hafez Tomb

Day 13 Shiraz  We will get out of the city to visit Persepolis and Necropolis to became more familiar with Persian architecture and the purpose of building different palaces.
– Persepolis
– Necropolis

Day 14 Shiraz/Tehran  Today is our departure day. We should go back to our crowded Capital and head to the air port. Time to leave all the beauties that we have experienced. Don’t forget to deliver our best regards to your friends and narrate Persia as a masterpiece.


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