Orumieh Bazaar

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Orumieh Bazaar has an old and new texture present in the southeast corner of the city. The major construction is of brick work. Inspite of diversity of architecture of domes, ceilings and springs which was due to construction of any part in different periods of time, the whole layout is simple.
Remnants of this bazaar is from the Safavid era. Its public baths belongs to the Zandiyeh and Qajar periods.

The old Orumieh Bazaar (market) is one of the interesting sites and consists of a set of bazaar such as; grocers; goldsmiths, Cloth dealers, coppersmiths, shoemakers, felt makers, dyers, tinsmiths and knife makers. Its antiquity goes back to the 7th lunar century of Hegira coinciding with Zandieh and Qajar eras. (The products of this city are: grapes, apples, honey and dairy products which are important export items.

Actually, the bazaar consists of a network of smaller bazaars: grocers, goldsmiths, cloth dealers, coppersmiths, shoemakers, felt makers, dyers, tinsmiths and knife makers. The absence of motor traffic adds greatly to the attraction of these old bazaars.

Important gifts which could be brought by travellers are engravings, woodwork, willow comfits, egyptian willow water, walnut sweetpaste, Carrot sweetpaste which are much appreciated in winters. Wool hand woven articles of this city are also famous)

Orumieh  bazaar which, though considerably later in date than the Esfahan bazaar, is built upon the same traditional lines. The domed vaults have circular openings to provide light, but they also let in rain and cold so that the tendency toDay is to cover them with glass.

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