Narin Castle, Narein Castle

By Shirdal Airya Iranian Tour Operator & Travel Agency in Iran

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Iran is a wide country with a variety of cultures,languages , accents etc… Therefore, it is as clear as a day that travelling to such country would be confusing without a definite itinerary as selecting the cities to be visited is not the other hand, limitation of time and distances between destinations are to be considered and that is why you need to get familiar with the best parts of the country in order to be able to have a very well-planned and efficient timetable. in this post, I am going to introduce you a sight in Meybod, Yazd that worth visiting at least once. Meybod, a small town near one of the oldest cities of Iran, Yazd, has several attractions in which the one is considered in this post is called Narin Castle. an ancient castle belonging to Medes period, Achaemenid era, and Sassanid dynasty. It is one of the oldest in Iran, as far as some people believe this fort dates back to 7000 years ago but some references know it as a 4000 years old castle. This mud-brick fort is located in the south of Meybod and unlike other castles in Iran; this one was built in 5 floors , though only 3 of them remains nowadays. first floor for usual and common people,the second related to commercial and business, and finally the last one belonged to royal people. The castle also has a beautiful rooftop and underground. the Rooftop used to be for watching far distances in case of military invasion, however the use of underground is not clear. The underground has been the victim of numerous earthquakes throughout the ages that is why it is not easy to be recognized, but some historians believe that this part of the castle was being used as a prison. There are also a gate and four watch towers around the castle that have been preserving their own history during years and can steal every one’s eyes easily.Now you know what you should do when you are in Yazd however, still unaware of how to get at Shirdalairya , we offer a day trip tour to Meybod, Chak Chak and Kharanagh in which Narin castle is included.I will talk over in another post that why you need to assign a day for the daily tour of Meybod-CHak CHak-KHaranagh.

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