Mount Binalud

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Mount Binālud (In Persian: بینالود) is the highest peak in Razavi Khorasan province, Iran. It is known also as the Roof of Khorasan. Made of Triassic-Jurassic metamorphic rocks, this mountain is 26 km north-east of Nishapur and to the west of Mashhad. With an elevation of 3211 metres, Mount Binalud is the highest point of the Binalud Mountains.
The mountain range was formed mainly in the Miocene and the pliocene during the Alpine orogeny and is made predominantly of Triassic and Jurassic rocks, with chiefly Jurassic rocks in the northwestern part and a smaller portion of Paleozoic rocks in the western section. On the southern margin of the range and along the same northwest-southeast direction, there is a strip of Eocene rocks. In the northwestern side of this strip there is another section of Eocene rocks that are volcanic in origin. The well-known Nishabur turquoise comes from the weathered and broken trachytes and andesites of the Eocene volcanic rocks of this part of the mountain range. The main turquoise mines are situated about 50 kilometres northwest of the city of Nishapur in the vicinity of a village called Madan.
The mountains form part of the faulting resulting from the collision of the Arabian plate with the Eurasian plate. The range takes up the motion of Central Iran on the Arabian plate at the rate of 4.0 ± 1.3 mm (0.157 ± 0.051 in) per year

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