Lut Desert, Dashte Lut

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in Iran, with an area of about 175,000 kilometers, cover almost 25% of Iran’s vast territory located between the northern mountains and the eastern mountains. Lut and Dashte-Kavir, which are situated in this area, are two main and well-known deserts in Iran however, Lut desert which is inscribed as a world heritage list is the topic of this post.


Lut Desert, Dashte Lut
Lut desert is a desert in southeastern Iran.The inner part of this desert is almost devoid of plant life. Many researchers believe the Lut desert is extremely unfavorable for life.however, adventurers and scientists who traveled to Lut reported evidence of various animal life, including insects, reptiles and desert foxes.

The puzzle is that, how their food’s chain completes without plants. The response may depend on a unique and terrifying phenomenon; In the wilderness, the carcasses of dead birds are abundantly found..

A few years ago, Iranian scientists conducted a research on migratory birds entering the Lut desert due to wandering or deviation . The result showed that the death of these birds is the basis of the desert due to the intense heat coming down from the sky. In autumn, just after the intense heat of the summer, little evidence of life is found.

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