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Fin Garden is the topic of this post but I have no choice to come up with some introductions about persian gardens so that the importance of Fin garden reveals better to the readers.
Persian garden is called gardens based on architecture and its constituent elements such as geometric structure, water and trees and median slopes, etc., mainly on the Iranian plateau and peripheral regions influenced by its culture.The Persian Garden has three unique structures and designs. Firstly, it is on a waterway. Secondly, enclosed by tall walls that you can’t even imagine such a paradise is behind the walls that classifies it into the introvert architecture list and thirdly, the pavilion which is situated in the middle of the garden.These three characteristics distinguish Iranian gardens. In fact, the garden described the Persian gardens as European tourists who viewed it with the characteristic “Happy Garden”. Persian Garden or Garden Garden refers to its unique structure and design. The Iranian Garden is linked to the history of the emergence of Qanats. The first Iranian gardens have been formed along the outskirts of the Qanats.
Enough is enough and it is time to go over the Fin Garden as you have some basic information about Persian gardens now , Fin garden, named as the most infamous Iranian garden, is one of the well-known
gardens of Iran that is located in Kashan. The garden covers 2.3 hectares with a main yard surrounded by ramparts with four circular towers. In keeping with many of the Persian gardens of its era, Fin Garden employs many water features. The most important plants of the Garden of Fine include 579 cypress trees and 11 plantain trees.In Fin Garden design, water was the most basic element. Each of the various forms of water in this garden is a special concept.

Fin garden contains Fin’s Bath where Amir Kabir, the Qajarid chancellor, was murdered by an assassin sent by King Naser-al din Shah in 1852 and that is the reason that the so-called garden named as the most infamous Iranian garden.The origins of the garden may be anterior to the Safavid period.By the death of Fatah Ali Shah, the garden and its trees were abandoned and even some parts of it were destroyed. With the national record of this work seventy years ago, attention was paid to it.

The Fin Garden has been recorded as one of the national monuments of Iran and also it was inscribed in world heritage list as an UNESCO site.It’s one of the amazing Garden in Iran that’s categorized in highly-recommended list of all travel guides and all iranian tour operators  around the world.

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