Ferdows Garden

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Ferdows Garden (Persian: باغ فردوس – Bāq e Ferdows‎‎) is a historical complex in Tajrish, Shemiran, Northern Tehran, between Zafaraniyeh and Jafar Ābād.

It is a complex consisting of two palaces of which the former has decayed. Since 2002, the remained palace houses the Cinema Museum of Iran

The complex was originally designed by Hājj Mirzā Āqāsi, Prime Minister of Mohammad Shah Qajar, and was formerly known as Mohammadie. It was used as a summer residence by the Qajar family. Mohammad Shah Qajar died here in September 1848, and the complex became disused in subsequent years.

During the reign of Naser ed Din Shah (1848–1896), the ownership of the compound was transferred to Dust-Ali Khan (Nezām od Dowle – Moayyer ol Mamālek), who refurbished the palaces and named them Ferdows. Later, his son Dust-Mohammad Khan, the son-in-law of Naser od Din Shah, using the workmenship of architects from Esfahan and Yazd, built a new building at the southern edge of this structure, giving it the name Rašk e Behešt, literally “Envy of the Paradise.”

Following this, the palace complex changed several hands, until it was bought by Mohammad-Vali Khan, Sepahsālār e Tonekāboni. Mohammad-Vali Khan was the leader of the Constitutionalist Revolutionary Forces from Iran’s northern provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran. He was the first to arrive in Tehran and liberate the city from the royalist forces. He became Defence Minister in the first constitutionalist government that followed dethroning of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar in 1909. He subsequently became Prime Minister, holding this post between October 1909 and July 1910.

Mohammad-Vali Khan added some further pools and fountains to the Ferdows Garden, and regenerated the aqueduct that, in earlier years, had fed the garden with fresh water. The impressive gate of the garden dates also from this time. The stately mansion was leased to various ministries over years. In 1937, the Ministry of Education housed a primary and a secondary school, Shapour schools, in this compound.

After the 1979 Revolution, until 2002, Ferdows Garden served as a training center for film-making. Since 2002, it houses the Cinema Museum of Iran.

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