Aras River

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Aras RiverThe Aras river (Persian: ارس‎‎), also known as Araks or Arax (Armenian: Արաքս), Yeraskh (Classical Armenian: Երասխ), Rakhsi (Old Georgian: რახსი), Erez (İn Kurdish), Araxes (Greek: Αράξης), Aras (in Turkish) Araz (in Azerbaijani), is a river in and along the countries of Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. It drains the south side of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains and then joins the Kura River which drains the north side of those mountains. Its total length is 1,072 kilometres (666 mi). Given its length and a basin that covers an area of 102,000 square kilometres (39,000 sq mi), it is one of the largest rivers of the Caucasus
The Aras river rises near Erzurum, Turkey. It meets with the Akhurian River southeast of Digor, flows along the Turkish-Armenian border, and then near a corridor that connects Turkey to Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan exclave. It then flows along the Iranian-Azerbaijan and the Iranian-Armenian border.[citation needed]
The Zangmar, Sariso, Ghotour River, Hajilar River, Kalibar River, Ilghena River, Darreh River and Balha River are the major tributaries of the Aras from the south (right). In Turkey the Ghareso river flows in on the left side. The Akhurian, Metsamor, Hrazdan, Azat, Vedi, Arpa, Vorotan, Voghdji and Megri rivers flow in from the Armenian north side (left). The Khachin River, Okhchi River, Kuri River and Kandlan River flow in from the Azerbaijan north side (left).

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