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Zagros Mountains

By Shirdal Airya Iranian Tour Operator & Travel Agency in Iran

Zagros Mountains The Zagros Mountains (Persian: رشته كوه زاگرس‎‎, Kurdish: زنجیره‌چیاکانی زاگرۆس‎; Çiyayên Zagrosê, Lurish: کو یه لی زاگروس, Arabic: جبال زغروس ‎ Aramaic: ܛܘܪ ܙܪܓܣ,) form the largest mountain range in Iran, Iraq and Eastern Turkey. This mountain range has a total length of 1,500 km (932 mi). The Zagros mountain range begins in northwestern Iran and roughly corresponds to Iran’s western border, and it spans the whole length of the western and southwestern Iranian plateau, ending at the Strait of Hormuz. The highest point in the Zagros Mountains is Dena. These mountains are regarded as sacred by the Kurds.

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