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By Shirdal Airya Iranian Tour Operator & Travel Agency in Iran

The city of wind catchers, fire temples, mud-brick alleys,Qanats,Ab anbars,confectionaries as well as delightful history in which situated between the northern Dasht-e Kavir and southern Dasht-e Lut-recently inscribed as a world heritage site,welcome to Yazd.
Should you travel to this dessert city, wind towers “Wind catchers or Badgirs” can be seen all around and that is why it is called “the city of wind catchers”. Yazd is also well-known for its fire temples, the holy shrines for the Zoroastrians.the old city  must be placed on your favorite-list;getting lost in its narrow alleys will be an unforgettable experience.Qanats and Ab Anbars show the adaptation of people in old era to such harsh enviroment.people are really kind and heart-warming.foods are unbelievably delicious-make sure you try Qeymeh-Yazdi and Shooli. and finally the Yazdi confectioneries are famous all around Iran;ask local for the best in order to not get disappointed.
in the end,this city is all your need if you are interested in history,architecture and old era will get definitely surprised from its uniqueness.