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Pol-e Khaju, Khaju Bridge

By Shirdal Airya Iranian Tour Operator & Travel Agency in Iran

When you travel to Isfahan for the first time, it is usual to get confused about visiting sights. because Isfahan is a city with an old history that has so many attractions to visit. Among these attractions, Pol-e khaju is placed in our list of must-see in Esfahan that worth visiting at least once. This bridge is famous because of its special architecture and tiles working. It was built by Shah-Abbas II in 1650 and was abode for public meetings or used as a tea house. A special building, known as the Beylerbey that its rooms are decorated with paintings was a place for king and his family. residence and the area around the Khaju Bridge, was a place of public people in the springs, summers and holidays. This bridge is also known with some other names like “Shahi Bridge” or “Shiraz Bridge.”