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Imamzadeh Hamzah, Tabriz

By Shirdal Airya Iranian Tour Operator & Travel Agency in Iran

Imāmzādeh Hamzah(Persian: امامزاده سيد حمزه‎‎) is an Imamzadeh mosque complex in Tabrīz, Iran. The mosque contains the grave of Hamzah, son of the Twelver Shī‘ah Imām, Mūsā’ al-Kādhim.

Sayyid Abi al-Quasim Hamzah is a son of Muza Quasim who is credited for the genealogy of the Saffavids. Hence, the Imāmzādeh Hamzah is a “de facto ancestral cemetery”. Thus, it strengthens the notability of its link to the mosque in Ardabil where the elite Saffavids have been buried. The style of decoration of the Hamzah Mosque is further enhanced and has therefore enjoyed sustained patronage.