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Covered Passages

By Shirdal Airya Iranian Tour Operator & Travel Agency in Iran

One of the noticeable features of dessert cities such as Yazd, Kerman , Meybod, Ardakan and Kashan is their covered-alleys and roofed-passages. The question that comes up to ones mind when they observe such alleys is that, why they were using such architecture ! Actually, they were built in order to protect the inhabitants against the heat, harsh sunshine and hot seasonal winds and yes vice ? well, the adobe used in this kind of architecture in addition to the way of drawing and designing the alleys can avoid the cold winds to blow during the winters and provide shade and subsequently coolness during the summers that causes the Walking into these breathtaking alleys to be comfortably enjoyable. Another aspect of this architecture is the similarity between the alleys in which leads the newcomer pedestrians to get lost easily.fascinating isn’t it? why don’t you Make it practical ?
We, here at Shirdalairya,iranian tour operator,highly recommend you to visit the alive historic city of Yazd ,which has just been inscribed in the world heritage list, as one of the best samples of architecture used in desert