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Amir Chakhmaq Complex

By Shirdal Airya Iranian Tour Operator & Travel Agency in Iran

If you travel to Yazd and ask local people about a well-known historical place, they will definitely recommend you to visit Amir Chakhmaq Complex, one of the oldest square in Yazd including ;Caravanserai, Tekyeh “hosseinieh”, Bathhouse “Hamam”, Ab-anbar “water reservoir”, Bazaar “traditional market” and the most important, mosque. In Timurian era, Amir chakhmaq, the ruler of Yazd started to build this complex and then named it Amir-chakhmaq. It was also famous with the name in safavid era. Before Pahlavi era this square was being used as a cemetery like most of the other husseinieh in Iran but at the beginning of Pahlavi era the people were prohibited from burying their deads in the square. If you are a person interested in places with old histories we do suggest you to travell to yazd to visit this magnificent complex.